1, 2, 3, Play! 2.0


  • Autumn Blues
  • Wintertime Waltz
  • Skipping Stones
  • Happy-Go-Lucky
  • Mexicana
  • Valse de Valhalla
  • Lars-Erik’s Garden
  • Cossack Dance
  • Coconut Palm
  • Canção de amor  
  • Summertime Waltz
  • Summertime Swing
  • Saltarello
  • Tropical Evening
  • Tarantella

Fifteen pieces in varying styles, keys, and moods, from easy to intermediate level.

Available for

Violin, with CD
Viola, with CD
Cello, with CD
Supplemental Violin                                    
Supplemental Viola
Supplemental Cello
Piano Accompaniment, Violin Key
Piano Accompaniment, Viola/Cello Key

  • for 1, 2, or 3 violin, viola or cello players, with optional piano accompaniment
  • can be played with the teacher accompaniment part or piano accompaniment
  • CD contains piano accompaniments plus full performances of all pieces
  • flexible scoring gives teachers the option to ‘mix-and-match’ any combination of violin, viola, and cello using the Supplemental parts

1, 2, 3, Play! 2.0 for Violin

  • Violin parts
  • Violin Teacher Score
  • CD

1, 2, 3, Play! 2.0 for Viola

  • Viola parts
  • Violin Teacher Score
  • CD

1, 2, 3, Play! 2.0 for Cello

  • Cello parts
  • Cello Teacher Score
  • CD

1, 2, 3, Play! 2.0 Piano Accompaniment

  • available in Violin Key and in Viola/Cello Key

1, 2, 3, Play! 2.0 Supplemental Parts

  • Supplemental Violin – violins can play with violas/cellos
  • Supplemental Viola – violas can play with violins
  • Supplemental Cello – cellos can play with violins

Flexible scoring

  • for a combination of violin, viola and/or cello players
  • most pieces are written a 5th higher in the Violin Key than in the Viola/Cello Key
  • for a string orchestra, use Violin Teacher Score and Violin Parts, plus Supplemental Viola and Supplemental Cello parts
  • to include violins in a group of cello or viola players, use the Supplemental Violin parts

“Finally, some simple teaching material for young Conservatoire students! Joanne Martin’s pieces are played with great enthusiasm by young musicians and have proved a great success with audiences, when performed by student string trios, by Conservatoire junior orchestras, and at summer workshops. The young musicians have particularly enjoyed the energy and the joy of Joanne Martin’s music.”
— Geneviève Prost, Violin Professor, Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet, Marignane France